Introducing the people that make the difference
Managing Director

James Torry

The man who makes it all happen - leading on creative and strategy, as well as supporting the whole doodledo team
Head of People and Growth

Lucy Smith

Helps team doodledo thrive - and she's still got time to snap photos and captain our drone unit!
Head of Video

Duncan Howsley

Leads and supports our whole video team, as well as directing projects and watching the details
Head of Animation

Joe Spademan

Sparks animation ideas, stokes creativity within the team, and builds striking projects
Senior Animator

Megan Jones

Part of our animation team, with a love of challenging projects like 3D and crafting
Senior Photographer and Filmmaker

Chris Willan

Capturing striking photographs and dynamic films with our video team
Senior Animator

Kris Holmes

Develops and builds animations alongside the team, with an eye for visual narrative

Mark Prince

Crafts projects with our video team both on the ground and in the skies with our drone unit
Junior Animator

Jack Humpherson

Our resident character design whiz, working with the animation team on plenty of storytelling projects
Studio Coordinator

Nicola Davies

Makes sure everything is running smoothly at doodledo HQ
Video Team Junior

Eugene Gorochovas

Supports the Video Team in all aspects of production
Office Dog


Keeps the team smiling and the fridge empty