We want to make good work with good people.  

Good work.

Yes, we’re video, yes, we’re animation. But we’re also strategy, we’re creative, we’re collaborative.

See, we’re thinkers. We’ll chat until we get you. And when we get you, we can build something that helps other people get you too.

We’ve built award-winning campaigns, captivating films, striking animations. We’ve taken our work from Trafford to Turkey; from Castlefield to California, and back again.

You’ll find our work everywhere from TV to boardrooms, conferences to social. And we can slot in wherever you need us most. Take a full project from conception to delivery, and monitor performance beyond. Or work with your internal teams to support or drive elements of projects where you need us most! Answering the big question… “What do you want them to do next?”.

The why, not just the what.
Results are as important to us as they are to you. We should be helping you make more, be seen more, be found more or be loved more. There should be a tangible difference when you work with us, not just a fuzzy feeling!
People before projects.
We hire good people with good skills. Working for good people is as important to us as working for good brands. Because relationship is key to everything we do.
Thinkers, not just doers.
We have a high value for the creative. For the sweet spot where good creative meets good strategy. And digging to find what’s needed beyond what’s requested.
Change the world.
We want to make a difference. With our talent, our time, and our clients.We want to leave a better place than the one we found.
Crafters and grafters.
We love what we do. We strive for excellence.
And we work hard.
The journey.
We’re on a journey. As an agency and as individuals, we’re learning all the time. We love how your journey becomes part of ours, and that we can help one another along.

Good people.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest names you’ve heard of, and some of the best names you haven’t.

We know what matters, and we love it when the people we work with know that too. Making good work with good people for good reasons...

"Working with doodledo on this campaign helped immensely. This was important to get right and the team took the time to ensure we treated people well as we got these incredibly powerful interviews."
Frank Dezny
"We reached out to the doodledo team and have since had multiple animations created to reach our global customers - with more in the pipeline! James, Kris and the team are fantastic to work with and we’ve been impressed with each and every animation they’ve created for us. Great animations, great service, great people. Highly recommend."
Amy Bampton
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"The team are a dream to work with, we have always felt at ease leaving our projects in the hands of doodledo. Not only are the team receptive to our vision, they are skilled in giving incredibly useful insights. Taking creative license, they suggest their own modifications, meaning that the end results are often even better than we could have imagined! Thanks a lot!"
Niamh McLaughlin
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How we got here.

We’ve been around  since 2007… and it’s fair to say that the media landscape has changed a bit since then.

We’ve built slow and steady -  finding the right people at the right times. When James and Gareth started up in ‘07, we looked very different than we do now. Jumping off the back of a commission from the BBC, we never looked back. We’ve grown through word of mouth and referrals, and are lucky to call many of our clients friends. We’ve grown the team to 12, spent a few years in a mill in Reddish, 10 at the Sharp Project and now have our own home in the heart of Manchester.

We’ve expanded our client base, the scale and ambition of projects, we’re grateful for everyone who’s taken a risk on us, and for all those who’ve championed us and recommended us!

And we’ve also expanded what we do. Photography, social media, post-production - we’ve invested in talent and facilities - and we’re excited about the next chapter. And the hallmarks of that chapter will be similar to the previous ones. Doing good work with good people. .

But for now, here we are. To get to know the team and what we do a bit more, visit our team page here.

So that’s us - what about you? If you’ve got a project in mind, or think we’d be a good connection, we’d love to hear from you.
Thanks for sending us a message, we will be in touch soon. In the meantime take a look at some of our recent work or read our latest blog.
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